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Another Reason Why You Should Not Go To Gateway Mall December 5, 2008

Posted by Anton in Chain Mail.

GateWay MallIf your belongings are important to you, DO NOT GO TO GATEWAY MALL. 

Let me talk about my bad experience last month having lunch with my friend sa GATEWAY MALL. Eating lunch at no less than MANDARIN ORIENTAL CAFE. We just came from a breakfast meeting and I had my laptop with me so when we sat down I hung my laptop bag on my chair and we chatted and ordered lunch na. About maybe close to the end of our lunch the waitress came up to me and asked me if I was missing my bag? I was surprised with her question and was prepared to answer NO but when I looked behind to check my laptop bag it was indeed gone! She then hurriedly went out to run after someone. 

Apparently 4 people just came in and asked for a reservation 2 of those people engaged their 2 only waitresses in conversation while the other pair (male and female) suddenly just went in the restaurant towards our direction. After a few minutes the waitress noticed that the male and female pair left suddenly as if in a hurry afterwards the 2 girls distracting the waitresses with requests for reservations suddenly just said nevermind and cancel their reservation. She suddently became suspicious because this kind of incident has happened to MANDARIN ORIENTAL CAFE before, so she approached me to ask my about my bag which she noticed me carrying when we came in. When she came out to run after them she tried to look for the Mall’s Security to ask for help. No security was on that floor! She had to go down the basement where their office was to ask for help. By then it was almost 5-10 mins past the incident. The culprits were nowhere to be found. I would think that going to this posh 5 star restaurant with 5 star prices that you can feel safe and secure inside. Apparently NOT!

A few minutes later Ms Jasmin Abubakar, Sales Manager for Mandarin Oriental Suites came down to help pacify the situation. I was told that if I wanted to I can log a complaint(blotter) with their security office in the basement which I did. And once inside the security office I was shown the blotter log book. I was surprised to see the number of those kinds of incidents happening day to day. What are the GATEWAY MALL owners doing about it? Just that day someone else got robbed before I did!

Why were there no internal security guards in MANDARIN ORIENTAL CAFE?! I would think with their 5 star experience security would be included! What have they learned from past incidents like that? NOTHING! Because they are not the ones who are inconvenienced with being robbed of their belongings. Not only was my laptop and phone inside the bag, my wallet was inside too! After the incident I had to cancel all my credit cards right away and get new licenses and IDs.

Please pass this around to your friends and loved ones to warn everybody about the dangers of going to GATEWAY MALL and also the lack of security at MANDARIN ORIENTAL CAFE so it does not happen to them.


Best regards,


Michael Tiu Lim

michael@megasardine s.com

VP Operations

Mega Sardines 

“Tatak Barko! Tatak Sariwa!”



1. juggernaut - December 5, 2008

OMG! What’s with Cubao? 🙂

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