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How Can I Find Peace? April 10, 2006

Posted by Anton in Light Bulb Moments.

by Barbara Huning, M.A., L.S.A.C.(Source: VITA Journal, March/April 2006)  
In an increasingly chaotic world, cultivating inner peace has become more important than ever. Picking up a newspaper, or tuning on the radio or television, reminds us that we live in troubled times. Tragedy, war, and catastrophe abound. Thousands grieve the loss of life, and fear the uncertainty of coming days.
In today’s world, it is easy to feel out of control – to feel that there is little we can do to take control of our lives and experience inner peace. Ultimately, however, we are the only ones that can determine what we will do and how we will feel.
As Dr. Viktor Frankl, noted psychiatrist and World War II  concentration camp survivor, reminds us: “The last of the human freedoms…(is) to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s way.” But knowing we control our attitude – that we determine our level of inner peace – isn’t enough. Realizing we are in control and taking control are two different things.
Peace – a feeling of serenity, the calm reassurance of hope and love, requires dedicated, energetic action to achieve. Where can we turn for peace? To ourselves, to others, and to God. How do we achieve inner peace? Through dedicated daily action. Study these 10 techniques for bringing peace into your daily life, and see if your mind, body and heart can feel the difference.
   1. Be mindful. Perspective is all-important when it comes to establishing or strengthening inner peace. Be mindful of what is really important to your life – family friends, God – and then set your priorities. When you let your priorities rule your life, rather than letting your life determine your priorities, you build inner peace.
   2. Be prepared. Be prepared for challenges to your inner peace by consistently building your Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual health. A strong body, mind and spirit can withstand anxiety, fear and tragedy of the present, and even look forward with hope, to the future.
   3. Be wise. Cultivate the ability to act instead of react. Practice wisdom by thinking before speaking or acting. Determine now how you will choose to respond to the challenges in your life. Temper your responses to others with the wisdom of one who looks beyond what is said or done to find the reason to the words or actions. Seek peace with the knowledge that you have taken the right action; that you’ve done the right thing.

   4. Be content. “Contentment” is a quality you don’t hear much about in today’s world. But finding joy and satisfaction in what you have and what you are, rather than constantly dwelling in what you don’t have, is an unending source of inner peace. True contentment brings the peaceful recognition that you already have what is most important.

   5. Be loving. When inner peace seems lost – when anxiety, fear and discouragement invade – you can be left feeling like you have little to give and little comfort to offer others. But one of the grand purposes of life is to comfort and strengthen others. In this reaching out – this selfless act of service – you can and will discover lasting peace.

   6.  Be still. Webster’s dictionary defines peace as an undisturbed state of mind; as serenity. All too often, you may let the noise and confusion of the outside world rob you of precious quiet hours. An hour or two of silent reflection, of study and prayer, can bring peace to a troubled spirit and perspective to a troubled mind. When inner peace is threatened, guard your quiet time. Cherish it – you need it.

  7. Be grateful. True gratitude is more than a recognition of your blessings, it is a celebration of those blessings – the spontaneous outpouring of a heart too full to keep its joy inside. Seek opportunities to express gratitude to others and to God. This one habit alone can build huge stores of inner peace as you come to see how loved and blessed you are.

   8. Be accepting. You may sometime wonder what it would be like to be in total control of your world. In reality, many things that happen to you are out of your control. Recognizing this fact is the first step in acceptance. Learning to differentiate between what you can and cannot change is the second. By accepting what you cannot change, and enthusiastically working to change to what you can, you preserve inner peace.
   9. Be prayerful. When confronted with heart-breaking tragedy, surrounded by fear and anxiety, prayerful pleas for self control and faith to live in hope can bring assurance, peace and strength. True peace is a God-given gift – one He wants to give to you. We are sons and daughters of God. He loves us, He wants us to be happy, and He will speak peace to our souls.
  10. Be peaceful. Easy enough to say, right? But being peaceful – following the previous nine steps and now this one – really is as simple and as difficult as making a choice. Your mind is a powerful tool. Use it to determine your reaction to circumstances outside your control by telling yourself to be at peace. Doing this with a few minutes of deep breathing virtually guarantees it will be true.



1. Sandy - May 30, 2006


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